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Handling The Complexities Of Probate For You

Probate is the process by which assets are distributed to heirs after a person’s death. Although it is a necessary process for some estates, it is extremely complex and time-consuming. Many executors are not able to devote the amount of time and effort that is necessary for completing the probate process in a timely manner.

Instead of worrying about how you will fit this responsibility into your life, let us handle it for you. Lawyer John J. Stanton has more than two decades of experience probating estates in California on behalf of executors. He will relieve you of the burden while giving you peace of mind knowing it is being handled correctly and as efficiently as possible. We are located in Fullerton and serve Southern California.

What Makes Probate So Difficult?

If an estate has a valid will, administering it should be easy, right? Not necessarily. If you were appointed as someone’s personal representative, you are obligated to ensure the estate is managed properly through probate. Depending on the size and complexity of the state, this could take years. A personal representative’s responsibilities include:

  • Start the process by filing a request to be the estate’s executor
  • Notify creditors of the death
  • Make sure income taxes for the decedent are taken care of
  • Create an inventory of all the estate’s assets and have them appraised
  • Handle unpaid debts
  • File federal and state estate tax returns

This is only a fraction of the work that executors are expected to do. It is not easy to gather the information you need and do it all correctly — especially when you have a full-time job or other obligations in your life. This is where we come in.

We know the probate process inside and out. We know how to keep it moving forward so the estate can be administered as quickly as possible. Equally as important, we take on the responsibility for you, allowing to get back to your life.

Meet With Attorney John Stanton In A Free Consultation — Se Habla Español

We offer reasonable rates for probate assistance and would be happy to discuss them further with you in a free consultation. Call us at 714-912-8639 or send us an email.